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In Search Of Waterfalls

East-north east of Portland. Out on the 84 and then into the string of state parks mirroring the curve of the Colombia river and its wide gorge. We exit the main thoroughfare and follow the E Columbia River Highway off into the forests van youtube naar mp4en. It is Tuesday so traffic is light and crowds are non-existent. Vista House appears around a corner and provides a panoramic deutsche serien kostenlos downloaden. The far bank is visible but low slung clouds obscure both the up and down stream views.

The first of the falls is found. Latourell Falls cascades off the cliff face into open air before striking a boulder laden pool schöne bilder gratis downloaden. This is a fall which you can visit in person rather than gazing from afar. Thin foot trails branch off of the main pavement leading you to and behind the pool fed by the descending water vlc video player kostenlos herunterladen. The under hang is a crazy hexagonal latticework. Like petrified honeycomb built by bees the size of a compact car. Detached plates of the stuff litter the ground creating a strangely geometric scree slope video youtube download iphone. Neon moss carpets the upper face of the wall while a muted relative clings to the unstable talus.

Then Bridal Veil. A smaller wider fall which flows in two stages down a rock face before submerging in the pool photos kostenlos herunterladen. A longer walk than Latourell, and one it seems less people undertake. A close inspection of the brambles lining the route returned a couple of handfuls of ripe blackberries download oder downloaden. Another mile or two down the road found Wahkeena Falls. Probably my favorite waterfall of the day. Like Bridal Veil, two stages. But taller and more air born herunterladen. The fan tail from being channeled through a narrow spout before slamming into the rocks at the base of a curving concrete wall.

The headliner of the area appeared next western spiele kostenlos downloaden. Multnomah Falls. The third tallest year-round waterfall in the United States and one which I think causes many people to overlook the other amazing falls in the same area herunterladen. Yes, it is tall, the upper stage dropping over 540 feet before feeding the second, but it is also removed from the viewer. Rail and chains and signs. And crowds. It is beautiful but not intimate.

As we exit the area, on our way to the Bridge of the Gods, we quick stop at the last fall in the series, the Horsetail Falls. It ricochets off the rock into a large collection pool and then flows down creek to join the body of the Colombia. We had underestimated the number of falls that there were to visit and the sun was getting low in the sky. But the resulting timing was perfect as we crossed the bridge with the light spilling through the girders from the diagonal. Into Washington state and then the north bank back to Portland. A full circuit.