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Washington, DC

Up. Too early. 5:30am. I still have to pack and eat in time to catch the 7:09 to Newark to skip the jammed city riding. Jammed with cars and red light interruptions herunterladen. A 3 min red light doesn’t seem like much, but when you hit 20 of them trying to cross a city, you realize you just spent an hour of your day standing around rather than pedaling wie kann man untertitel herunterladen.

Our host works 12 miles NE of Newark n Wilmington. Change of plans. A commentated drive with a short run train to bridge the gap. Into Wilmington Station 10 min before the train is scheduled to depart herunterladen. Tickets in hand, we make it to the track just in time. Garbled speaker announcements, unintelligible and unhelpful. A train arrives. Unsure if it is ours topkontor fehler beim herunterladen der version info. Passengers disembark, no one is moving towards the train but us. The conductor exits, closes the doors, and walks away from the train. Maybe it is going to sit for a second before departing e mail programme zum herunterladen. A shift change? I move towards him to ask, and the train, our train pulls out of the station. I guess that answers that question.

12 miles of ugly riding piriform ccleaner kostenlos herunterladen. Not particularly poor roads. Good pavement, moderate traffic (no honks), but nothing to look at (or photograph). Strip malls and clutter. Nothing inspiring app de film app downloaden. Just putting in junk miles into the same old headwind. Fortunately, our luck isn’t running out, even though we keep finding some stretches of it proton. The route veers off into the country side. Quiet two lane roads through fields of forests. Eerily quiet forests. Not even any bird calls. Just the sound of wind gusting through the trees and branches groaning against trunks free mp4 player. This is where things of interest wait to be discovered.

The site of Fort Defiance. A laid rock road and “No Trespassing” signs. And all we found was a private dock and islands of reeds herunterladen. No Admiral Cockburn and no ancient fort.

A 1951 Studebaker Champion. Up on blocks, and out in the elements. Cracking paint and rusting quarter panels. One day it may be restored, but that one day is probably far in the future.

We make it to Perryville. THe end point of our test ride. A shorter day to test the knees and work our way back into riding. With 40 min to spare, we catch the last train to DC Union Station. Alternating views into people’s backyards and out over silty coastal water from our second story cabin window.

A 4:20 arrival with plenty of day light left. A couple close sites, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and a couple of others.

One the way to our host house we are challenged to a wheelie contest. He doesn’t pull the best wheelie in the world, but better than ours. Washington wheelie wars. We lost, he won.

Sitting in the exit hallway of Safeway making sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches and eating various raw vegetables and fruits. Waiting for Adam to get home from the bike shop so we can take a shower and crash out.