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A Photo Recap


Thirty of my favorite photos from the trip.

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Austin, TX

Back in Austin. A 26 hour all nighter. 5:30am up in Asheville and 7:30am down in Austin. It would have taken less time if we had decided we were going to turn a leisurely 3 day drive with sight seeing into a single shot b-line before we got to Birmingham and spent much of our daylight rambling about in the park of the Smokey Mountains google play filme downloaden. But, I guess all that would have done is changed the arrival time to 5:30 or something which is still driving all night. So, maybe we would have gone sight seeing anyway wie kann ich bei apple musik downloaden. It would have been a waste not to.

A night fueled by caffeine and a road obscured by the dark and the rain. An episode or two of mild hallucinations but when it is 4am and you are running on fumes, you are bound to be on the receiving end of some mental trickery herunterladen. A safe arrival and some much needed sleep.

The tour is complete. Just not in the way originally envisioned. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Hitch hiking and some shorter days skyp herunterladen deutsch. But, in the end, still a bike tour. Close to 750 miles of riding covering something in the realm of 1200 miles to Asheville. The final 1160 miles by rental car herunterladen. We are in one piece and so are the bikes. We are healthy and uninjured. We rode through some incredible terrain and met some amazing people along the way google drive ordner herunterladen android. A successful trip.

Chappell Hill Road Race (2010-09-12)

Chappell Hill is a lolly pop of endless chip seal. Heavy humidity and low 90s made it a grinding race against exhaustion and cramping. This is the finish of the men’s CAT 3 field outlook inhalte automatisch herunterladen. At 50 miles out of 74 Matt Kessing bridged up to and then passed the standing 4 person break away. A 2min gap turned into 25sec at the finish line, but he held it together and took the win with another mid race effort much like his 2nd place finish on Monday at the Tour of Austin Pickle Research Center crit gta 4 download android kostenlos. The follow group split in two on the second to last hill coming back into town. The final climb to the finish saw an additional split of 12 heading for the line, trying to get into the top 8 moneyed positions google herunterladen kostenlos.

Top 20 Results
1 Kessing Matthew Team ALS-C3
2 Perry Jonathan Austinbikes/Revenant
3 Aldape Alec Joe’s Pro Bike
4 Gore Hayden Sugar Cycles
5 Metoyer Russell Velossimo Racing Team
6 Hebert Cj Team Brain and Spine Cycling
7 Codianne Jason Shama Cycles
8 Slate Jesse Team Wooly Mammoth
9 Lewiss Jason Team Brain and Spine Cycling
10 Patrick Davis Team Hotel San Jose
11 Nava Iii Phil BSK Law/Bikeworld.com
12 Stanton Christopher
13 Caglarcan Tim Team Brain and Spine Cycling
14 Haussmann Karl Team Lifesize
15 Wells Brent Bicycle-Heaven
16 Rivers Jason GS Tenzing
17 Hill Jeremy BSK Law/bikeworld.com
18 Frank Karbarz Toyota GCCA
19 Austin Mallet Southern Elite
20 Luton Thomas Lone Star Racing Club

Driveway Crit Series (2010-09-09)

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Pictures of the Men’s 3/4, 4/5, and OPEN races. Video of the CAT 4/5 sprint finish. In the 4/5 race there we a number of long attacks off of the front samsung s3 apps herunterladen. In the end a group of 9 were able to get away and the pack was nowhere in sight.

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