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Philadelphia, PA

A day of training. Two trains, one to Trenton from Penn Station, and then the connection from Trenton to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Terminal. An unscheduled rest day to give the knee some extra recovery logo programm kostenlosen deutsch.

Liza is up and out the door at 6:45am. She has a long day ahead of her at the Harlem Children’s Zone and Charter School paasbingo. A successful school model that has been used in emulation by many others. Successful or not, it is probably a stressful and challenging environment. She comes from a family of teachers psp spiele kostenlos downloaden iso. A profession, underpaid and many times undervalued, that courts burnout as it pairs too many students with too few facilities.

I am off the couch around 8:30am and survey the 500 square foot apartment kassenprogramm für pc kostenlosen. By Texas standards, barely an efficiency. This is a two bedroom one bath NY apartment. It makes me want a smaller place of my own. This apartment is completely livable warcraft free download full version. The bedrooms are small (read tiny) but that just means you single use them, as bed rooms. Not as a bed room + study, or bed room + tv room, or bed room + library zonealarm kostenlos herunterladen. Just as a bed room. The living room is practical. And the dining room is a dining room owned by a rectangular table and six chairs. The kitchen is a bit too small but still is usable bibi und tina hörspiel kostenlosen. This place seems fully utilized. My place has always seemed a bit on the empty side since I don’t have quite enough stuff to fill it. And the larger the place, the more you need to make the rooms feel balanced java update download kostenlos. And then you just have a bunch of unused filler growing old and collecting dust. This apartment tempts me with the idea of living in an Airstream.

When people think of NY, or at least NY food, they always seem to pick pizza ets5 demo download kostenlos. It is true, they have good pizza all over The City. But lots of cities have good pizza. What seems to be in unknown abundance, at least by the outside world, is cream cheese comodo signaturen herunterladen fehler. Walk into a bagel shop and prepare to be inundated by cream cheese choices. Dill, strawberry, fish, walnut, tofu, plus ten to fifteen more. More types of spreads than bagels on which to slather them. All of them good. All made in house or close by in ice cream parlor style tubs. You buy the bagel for the cream cheese, not the other way around. It is but an efficient cream cheese delivery system.

Coffee and thickly spread bagels in Prospect Park. In the shadow of an Arc de Triomphe imitator. A stream of stroller pushed kids. Is it like watching a nature show? Locked in place, no say in your route. Just along for the ride watching view slide by. Maybe their arrive at a kid park to get some exercise rather than just being pushed about getting a little vitamin D. The Prospect Park paceline circles by for the second time.

Planning my training. Skipping my biking. An NJ Transit line for $15.50 to Trenton, and then an extra $8.75 from the connection on a SEPTA Regional Rail service into Philly. 60min of riding to get to the trains, but that is it for today.

We are in Philadelphia. Not in the fashion planned, but still on schedule in a sense. What can you do. Life happens, you adjust to events, and try to make things as successful as you can. Tomorrow is a full day here, and then we continue onto Washington DC. Tonight we eat delicious Indian food and spend some time with our host Daniel.