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Brooklyn, NY

4:30am. Alarm. Brush teeth. Put on kit. Load backpack. Embrocate.

A not as cold ride as I expected 30-45min ride. A lead out by the wooliest of the Woolly Mammoths herunterladen. He on his way to work, fishing with his father, we to The City. He splits off, we motor on.

Cristy’s Restaurant in Westbrook, CT for breakfast real player für windows 10 herunterladen. Over 40 types of pancakes. We arrive at 6am and shelter in their stoop until they open at 6:30am. It was worth the wait. Endless coffee and a pile of pancakes screenshot herunterladen kostenlos. Blueberry-Rasberry-Crunch for me, Pumpkin-Apple for Matt. We finish breakfast as the sky lights up. It is barely 7:30 in the morning and we have already covered over 15 miles iphone 7 app herunterladen. 110-115 to go depending on what source you ask. We restart our ride. Heading west along the coast looking for a skyline of steel and glass.

A lost light video you bought on amazon. My rear light jumped off of my seat post bag yesterday at some point. Riding around in the dark without one is just asking to be on the loosing end of some sort of trouble gta 5 vollversion kostenlos downloaden pc. One of the managers of Zane’s Cycles in Bradford, CT happened to be dropping some stuff off at the shop as we were riding by zwischenprüfungen zum downloaden. Even though it was a good hour before they were scheduled to open, he sold me a new rear light on the spot rather than having us wait. Thank you.

My knee is still a little twingie, but my muscles seem to be in good shape herunterladen. As the morning wears on, it gets progressively worse. I have had a problem with my right knee before, but it has been years since then, was the result of over tightness, and never appeared during one of my previous tours herunterladen. Not even up and over Stelvio with a backpack. It is beginning to worry me some. Keep going and risk something chronic or deal with it now and change the ride plan only a day and a half into the tour schulschrift kostenlos herunterladen. I don’t like either option. But Matt isn’t liking his left knee either. The first day may have over reached. Not riding for a week after State Road Race resulting in leg tightness, our bodies adjusting to pushing the additional load of gear, and riding a long day into a hard headwind may have been the perfect storm to strain things.

A little after mid day, as we are gradually slowing down due to painful pedal strokes, we decide finishing today isn’t worth risking the rest of the tour over. Riding into New York was going to be a little treacherous anyway. A $12.50 train ticket delivers us to Grand Central station in an hour and a half with our bikes and knees intact. That hour and a half reduces our day to 70 miles from the original 130 mile master plan.

We decompress in Central Park and try to look for ways to reformat the tour to keep us in one piece while still keeping some semblance of its original goals.

distance: 74
elevation gain: 1348
ride time: 5:36:15