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Boone, NC

Fog that lingers through breakfast but quickly burns off as the day gets underway. It becomes clear and crisp. A reprieve from the dampness of the days before amazon prime kostenlos herunterladen. Infinite visibility and a perfect temperature, but more importantly, dry, no chance of rain. Beautiful.

The three main climbs come and go. Difficult, but nothing close to the one to reach Peaks of Otter back in the beginning of our parkway experience herunterladen. Open and closed woods. Gaps exposing closely cropped verdant fields with munching shaggy faced cows.

A second breakfast at Bluffs Lodge in Doughton Park hp scan download for free. Eggs over medium, grits, sausage patties, and of course, coffee.

Slippery rock walls blasted to make way for the ribbon road. Ferns and moss cling to the shelves as water drips from the saturated soil above thunderbird in german.

A straightforward day ending in Boone, NC. Our second rest station. A couple days rest a day or two behind schedule. This will be a chance to refuel our bodies and do some needed maintenance on our bikes phase 5 for free. A through cleaning and re-lubrication is in order.