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San Luis Obispo, CA to Goleta, CA [104 miles]

A hot arid windy day. Anaerobic on two hills. Dust in the air and my lungs. Breathing through my nose. Emptying my water bottles. My back tire could probably use a little air. Construction so I end up off route for awhile.

It is funny how having done something repetitiously causes you to begins to not notice when it is occurring. On my third and final leg of the day (a 46 mile block) I couldn’t get my legs to push the bike any faster than about 11 miles per hour. And they felt sluggish and warn out. At that rate I wasn’t going to get into Goleta until well after dark if at all. If they were that tired 15 miles onto the block did I really want to push the other 30? Plus there was supposed to be a 1200 foot climb somewhere in my future. I called to see if my brother or friend hank would be available to come scoop me up if my legs are fed up with playing the lets ride 100 miles a day game.

As I crest a rise I discover that there isn’t a 1200 foot climb in my future. I just finished it. I was so used to climbing rollers that unless it is a serious grade it is just the road rather than an event. My legs couldn’t get me going any faster cause I was going uphill for an hour; not because they hate me. I was expecting a 1200 foot climb stretching over maybe 4 miles, not 10+.

I cancel the ride reservation and hammer it home. Even with the grind fest I end up with a 15.3 mph avg speed.

My brother, his girlfriend, and I go eat huge bowls of Pho and then ice cream for dessert. We were going to watch a movie but my big little brother is an old man and fell asleep face down on the living room floor. Now I am all alone. 🙁

San Luis Obispo, CA

Clear cool day. Early breakfast and coffee. Soft grass in a park and my first legitimate stretch this tour. An hour of pseudo yoga. Who knew my legs were this tight or could end up feeling this good.

Chicken fajita burrito. A shoulder and back massage from Stephanie, from bike bike. They decide to head to a grocery store and I head back to Lindsay’s place to relax and watch a move.

40 min later I get a call from Allison. The rickshaw the were in flipped and Stephanie’s leg is broken in three places. I visited her prior to her operation to set and secure the bones. Aside from the leg she is in good shape. Better her leg than her head or hands. She was planning on riding all the way to Florida but this is the end of her trip now and her mom is flying out to bring her home.

I am heading to Goleta, near Santa Barbara, tomorrow to see my brother. I am glad I am healthy, that nothing hurts, that I have not had any real issues. 4 days of riding remain. Less than two weeks of trip.

It is almost midnight. Tomorrow is another 100 mile day. I need to relax so I can get to sleep and be ready to ride in the morning.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Time for breakfast. Lindsay, the girl who is loaning me her room, calls to see if I am up and would like to go grab some food. Why yes, yes I would.

We walk to a small cafe. Juevos Rancheros for her, eggs, potatoes, bacon and pancakes. I am enjoying eating with mortals this trip; I eat the last third of her meal. Yum.

We are getting along great. She offers to drive me around and give me a personal tour of the greater SLO (San Luis Obispo) area. The theater, the park, the school, the tallest building (4 stories)! I realize I internally judge city size based on building height. SLO doesn’t have anything tall, and it make it feel, too me, like a much smaller place than it is. It does have the advantage that light gets down to all of the side walks downtown, but I think I like big ol buildings.

We head north and drive through one of the large coastal parks and near one of the extinct volcanoes which flank the area. In the afternoon we end up at a yearly fare/festival down by the wharf in one of the small communities further north up the coast. A highly skilled parallel parking job after 20min of searching. Chat and walk. Pickled brussel sprouts and okra, dilly beans. A lunch of fish and chips. Browsing through the succulents. Lots of oddities.


Big Sur, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA [108.5 miles]

Hrm, I need to work on taking level pictures….

A fantastic breakfast of potato egg fritata, vanilla cream cheese danish, and coffee. Spent a bunch of time letting all of my electronics recharge and my stomach digest.

Going to try to make SLO today. Might stop at the camp ground 68 miles from here if the 100 miles ends up being more than my legs feel like doing.

There are fires in big sur and the story on the street is that they have reached the highway. But nobody knows if the road is or is going to get shut down. There is also talk of impending rain and possible mud slides. Seem like a good time to get out of dodge.

The coast terrain is a flash back to northern OR. Climbs and cliff faces. Curvy road and fog. Grey. Today there is a strong swell and the surf is churning angerly against the rocks.

I run into a fire crew. The fire is at the road but nothing is going to get shut down.

A big hamburger with steak cut French fries for lunch. A band out of Portland touring with their instruments on bikes and a camera crew filming the ride and shows. A couple of people from bike bike.

After 50 miles in the mountains everything turns flat. Some rollers but nothing big time. Some tail winds and a huge colony of seals sunning themselves on the beach.

I get a text that my roof in San Louis Obispo has fallen through. I slow may roll and look at Morro Bay. The sun is close to setting. Camp grounds are chosen and the grocery store run has been made. Another text. A room with a roof in San Louis Obispo has been found. I load up and head out. 16 miles and over an hour of riding in the dark later I have found the house with a loaner room and a loaner bed. Dinner some TV and a shower. I sink into the mattress and sleep. 7am. It is raining outside. The storm, which I watched creep towards the shore the afternoon of my ride, has hit more of the coast than expected. And I am in a house not my tent. That is luck.


Santa Cruz, CA to Big Sur, CA [83 miles]

I packed up all my stuff, thanked Adam for the loan of the floor and headed towards Big Sur.

I had spent Wednesday doing laundry, pulling delivery carts loaded with over 100lbs of food to and from the bike to work center, and helping Adam move apartments by bike. Combine the resulting fatigue in my legs with the poorly marked multiple turn route with the solid grey sky and add in a headwind for the 10 miles into Monterrey. I was ready to call it a day. I tried to get in touch with my cousin and her husband again so I would have a place to crash. No luck. I finally talk to a coworker and am told they are out of town until Monday. Big Sur it is.

After clearing Monterrey the fog broke and the ride turned into a straight shot on the 1.

A late arrival and a later dinner. No camp fires in the region so a not so late bed time.

Half way to Monterrey I was in strawberry country. Miles and miles and miles of ripe strawberry fields you could smell on the road. One of the trucks had lost a couple of pint containers which had split and dumped their goodness onto the edge of the road. I stopped, picked through them, and ended up with one sack and a water bottle full of the beauties. Maybe two pints in all. They made eating cheese sandwiches on a milk crate against the wall next to a vending machine at a gas station in the middle of nowhere a pleasurable experience.

Made Big Sur. Some of the weather was good. Lots of fog and head winds before Monterey.