Goleta, CA to Malibu, CA [81 miles]

I left Goleta on the LORDs day. Normal late 10am departure. Some breakfast and repacking. All of my camping gear remained behind to be shipped back to Austin. Only couches were in my future.

Goleta was pretty chill. Lots of food reading and movies. One morning of surfing micro waves which were few and far between. Caught 8 or 10 stood up on 5 or 6. Mostly floated in the comfy 65 degree water chatting with my friend hank.

I rode with my first and last injury of the trip. A crick in my neck. 😛 I had fallen asleep on the mini couch on friday by accident and it was all down hill from there.

First leg was 50 miles into Oxnard for lunch. Which turned into a 2.5 hour food and nap break. Probably due to sleeping like crap for2 nightS because of my neck. But eating half a chicken, potato salad, a roll, and berry cobbler for lunch probably contributed a bit as well.

All I will say about Oxnard is that every storm creek smelled like a hot, heavily used, seldomly cleaned port-a-potty. Lucky me.

My sister was driving south from her friends wedding. She was still an hour or more north of Oxnard as I was making my way through the land of stink. The race was on. How many miles could I make before she caught me and shuttled me into LA proper.

I stopped 30 or so miles later in Malibu to watch the sunset and decided this was an easy meet up point. 20-30 min later fancy pants Jessica rolls up in he new Audi A4. I have to break the bike down to fit it in the card with luggage and passengers she is carrying. LA -> Whole Foods -> Loft -> pasta with meat sauce!

Looking at the schedule I have some choices to make. Jessica works during the day and Daniel in SD is going to take a day of vacation when I am in town. The bike is half way broken down and there is a trek shop in town with a Madone box. I decided that I would rather spend an extra day with my sister and have an easy time packing up the bike than crank out the last 100 miles of ugly freeway coast. I am currently on a train from LA to San Diego. Maybe there will be some actual waves for my surfing pleasure tomorrow morning.

My bike trip is done. 1900+ miles. About 1600 of route and 300 of in city riding. 18 days of route riding. 30 days hanging out.

And I am almost done filling up each of your inboxes.



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