San Luis Obispo, CA to Goleta, CA [104 miles]

A hot arid windy day. Anaerobic on two hills. Dust in the air and my lungs. Breathing through my nose. Emptying my water bottles. My back tire could probably use a little air. Construction so I end up off route for awhile.

It is funny how having done something repetitiously causes you to begins to not notice when it is occurring. On my third and final leg of the day (a 46 mile block) I couldn’t get my legs to push the bike any faster than about 11 miles per hour. And they felt sluggish and warn out. At that rate I wasn’t going to get into Goleta until well after dark if at all. If they were that tired 15 miles onto the block did I really want to push the other 30? Plus there was supposed to be a 1200 foot climb somewhere in my future. I called to see if my brother or friend hank would be available to come scoop me up if my legs are fed up with playing the lets ride 100 miles a day game.

As I crest a rise I discover that there isn’t a 1200 foot climb in my future. I just finished it. I was so used to climbing rollers that unless it is a serious grade it is just the road rather than an event. My legs couldn’t get me going any faster cause I was going uphill for an hour; not because they hate me. I was expecting a 1200 foot climb stretching over maybe 4 miles, not 10+.

I cancel the ride reservation and hammer it home. Even with the grind fest I end up with a 15.3 mph avg speed.

My brother, his girlfriend, and I go eat huge bowls of Pho and then ice cream for dessert. We were going to watch a movie but my big little brother is an old man and fell asleep face down on the living room floor. Now I am all alone. 🙁



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