San Luis Obispo, CA

Clear cool day. Early breakfast and coffee. Soft grass in a park and my first legitimate stretch this tour. An hour of pseudo yoga. Who knew my legs were this tight or could end up feeling this good.

Chicken fajita burrito. A shoulder and back massage from Stephanie, from bike bike. They decide to head to a grocery store and I head back to Lindsay’s place to relax and watch a move.

40 min later I get a call from Allison. The rickshaw the were in flipped and Stephanie’s leg is broken in three places. I visited her prior to her operation to set and secure the bones. Aside from the leg she is in good shape. Better her leg than her head or hands. She was planning on riding all the way to Florida but this is the end of her trip now and her mom is flying out to bring her home.

I am heading to Goleta, near Santa Barbara, tomorrow to see my brother. I am glad I am healthy, that nothing hurts, that I have not had any real issues. 4 days of riding remain. Less than two weeks of trip.

It is almost midnight. Tomorrow is another 100 mile day. I need to relax so I can get to sleep and be ready to ride in the morning.



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