San Luis Obispo, CA

Time for breakfast. Lindsay, the girl who is loaning me her room, calls to see if I am up and would like to go grab some food. Why yes, yes I would.

We walk to a small cafe. Juevos Rancheros for her, eggs, potatoes, bacon and pancakes. I am enjoying eating with mortals this trip; I eat the last third of her meal. Yum.

We are getting along great. She offers to drive me around and give me a personal tour of the greater SLO (San Luis Obispo) area. The theater, the park, the school, the tallest building (4 stories)! I realize I internally judge city size based on building height. SLO doesn’t have anything tall, and it make it feel, too me, like a much smaller place than it is. It does have the advantage that light gets down to all of the side walks downtown, but I think I like big ol buildings.

We head north and drive through one of the large coastal parks and near one of the extinct volcanoes which flank the area. In the afternoon we end up at a yearly fare/festival down by the wharf in one of the small communities further north up the coast. A highly skilled parallel parking job after 20min of searching. Chat and walk. Pickled brussel sprouts and okra, dilly beans. A lunch of fish and chips. Browsing through the succulents. Lots of oddities.




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