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Big Sur, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA [108.5 miles]

Hrm, I need to work on taking level pictures….

A fantastic breakfast of potato egg fritata, vanilla cream cheese danish, and coffee. Spent a bunch of time letting all of my electronics recharge and my stomach digest free antivirus kostenlos herunterladen.

Going to try to make SLO today. Might stop at the camp ground 68 miles from here if the 100 miles ends up being more than my legs feel like doing sims 1 downloaden mac.

There are fires in big sur and the story on the street is that they have reached the highway. But nobody knows if the road is or is going to get shut down quicksteuer 2016 kostenlos. There is also talk of impending rain and possible mud slides. Seem like a good time to get out of dodge.

The coast terrain is a flash back to northern OR herunterladen. Climbs and cliff faces. Curvy road and fog. Grey. Today there is a strong swell and the surf is churning angerly against the rocks.

I run into a fire crew block puzzle zum herunterladen. The fire is at the road but nothing is going to get shut down.

A big hamburger with steak cut French fries for lunch. A band out of Portland touring with their instruments on bikes and a camera crew filming the ride and shows download images mac. A couple of people from bike bike.

After 50 miles in the mountains everything turns flat. Some rollers but nothing big time. Some tail winds and a huge colony of seals sunning themselves on the beach herunterladen.

I get a text that my roof in San Louis Obispo has fallen through. I slow may roll and look at Morro Bay. The sun is close to setting. Camp grounds are chosen and the grocery store run has been made herunterladen. Another text. A room with a roof in San Louis Obispo has been found. I load up and head out. 16 miles and over an hour of riding in the dark later I have found the house with a loaner room and a loaner bed steam for mac. Dinner some TV and a shower. I sink into the mattress and sleep. 7am. It is raining outside. The storm, which I watched creep towards the shore the afternoon of my ride, has hit more of the coast than expected maxqda herunterladen. And I am in a house not my tent. That is luck.




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