Santa Cruz, CA to Big Sur, CA [83 miles]

I packed up all my stuff, thanked Adam for the loan of the floor and headed towards Big Sur.

I had spent Wednesday doing laundry, pulling delivery carts loaded with over 100lbs of food to and from the bike to work center, and helping Adam move apartments by bike. Combine the resulting fatigue in my legs with the poorly marked multiple turn route with the solid grey sky and add in a headwind for the 10 miles into Monterrey. I was ready to call it a day. I tried to get in touch with my cousin and her husband again so I would have a place to crash. No luck. I finally talk to a coworker and am told they are out of town until Monday. Big Sur it is.

After clearing Monterrey the fog broke and the ride turned into a straight shot on the 1.

A late arrival and a later dinner. No camp fires in the region so a not so late bed time.

Half way to Monterrey I was in strawberry country. Miles and miles and miles of ripe strawberry fields you could smell on the road. One of the trucks had lost a couple of pint containers which had split and dumped their goodness onto the edge of the road. I stopped, picked through them, and ended up with one sack and a water bottle full of the beauties. Maybe two pints in all. They made eating cheese sandwiches on a milk crate against the wall next to a vending machine at a gas station in the middle of nowhere a pleasurable experience.

Made Big Sur. Some of the weather was good. Lots of fog and head winds before Monterey.




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