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Santa Cruz, CA

Cruised around. Had breakfast back at the compound and chatted about bicycle frame fabrication.

Tomorrow is Bike To Work day and I volunteer to shuttle food around to the various stations cad zeichenprogramm kostenlosen deutsch. Hauling 100lbs of frozen bread in a trailer might not have been the best idea for my legs since tomorrow I leave on my tour again, but I did offer, so I only have myself to blame torrents downloaden mac. Kelly Brown, strangely enough, is managing the central staging area. She makes me wish I had more female bicyclists in my life in Austin.

It also turns out Adam is moving out of his house dicom viewer free download chip. So, I have two choices, not help (i.e. be a jerk) or continue the day of heavy hauling. Option 2 seems the route of honor. 3 hours and 4 loads later, we have moved all of his worldly possessions up a hill or two and 3 or 4 miles away to his new stomping ground wo samsung firmware downloaden. Which is a huge improvement if you had seen the shape his old place (not his room) was in. And it wasn’t surprising if you had meet his previous landlord/house mates kartenspiele umsonsten. A hot dinner and it is time to crash out.



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