San Francisco, CA to Santa Cruz, CA [77 miles]

I was going to kick it in The City through Wednesday but 35 people were riding out to Santa Cruz on Monday to hang out and visit the Bike Church. Although this was supposed to be leg recovery time when else would I going to be able to ride with such a large group during this trip fortnite auf ps3 downloaden. Plus a car was set up to ferry everyone’s gear. 80 miles with one pannier was the final straw that broke my wait to ride back.

It was a good chill ride bubble breaker download kostenlos chip. Lots of stops. Got to know everyone much better now that we were just laying back and cruising rather than hustling between the various forums. Met Kelly Brown on her Soma Double Cross as she caught the group midway in herunterladen. She is one of the owners of a start-up bicycle messenger business running out of the space next to the Bike Church. We pull away and pair ride out way into town beating the darkness and the rest of the group antivirus program free full version ipad.

A huge family style dinner around a bon fire. I fell asleep in a chair. At some point Adam, one of the bike church guys, woke me up and I headed back to his place to crash out on the floor software for tiptoi.




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