Bodega Bay, CA to San Francisco, CA [75 miles]

I stand on the Golden Gate Bridge. Wind hammering against me as I lean on the railing. I face west as the sun sets through the mist. I cry.


SF is cold bachelorarbeit kostenlos downloaden. And I am tired, in need of a shower, and working on tracking down a place to crash. I should have a better prospective in the morning when the sun is out and I am eating breakfast herunterladen.


Dinner on Union Street. Worked on tracking down a place to crash since one spot fell through. Headed for one of the bike bike pads macos catalina. Found unreasonably steep hills. Decided I would rather walk my bike up them than search for a way around. Hoping this is the house, rang the door bell and was welcomed in with a place to roll out my mat and some food vorlagen für gutscheine kostenlos downloaden.




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