Richardson Grove State Park, CA to Van Damme Beach State Park, CA [76.5 miles]

Yes I chose today’s destination based on its name and yes the attached photo should be of me delivering a killer round house kick to someones head qgis. You will have to settle for one of the first views I was greeted with as the 1 exited the forest of endless climbing.

Other than climbing there is not much else to tell windows 10n herunterladen. Climbing. Long winding climbing. 7 mile stretches of climbing. 34-27 chainring-cog climbing. And my legs feel fine. No real burn. No shortness of breath minecraft herunterladen pc kostenlos. I can’t wait to do some Austin hills on a nice unloaded road bike.

The longer the climb the colder your muscles end up after the descent yt app herunterladen. Which are warmed again during the next climb. Lather rinse repeat. In the shade in the valleys with the wind chill, it seems like going up a grade is the only way for you and your muscles to stay warm and loose visual studio 2017 community herunterladen.

It seems like the coast was 10 degrees higher than the interior section of the one. And it is all beach and teal water.

Zach and I posted up in the crowded hiker/biker section of the camp grounds bikemap routen herunterladen. The local grocer had burned down so we ended up eating at golf resort just down the road rather than ride back the way we came for 3 miles and some hills to grab something playstation software herunterladen. Which also means we don’t have food for breakfast (I have cheese crackers tuna and sardines but would prefer actual breakfast rather than emergency food) strafe wegen herunterladen.

As odd as it was (and a little pricey) it turn out fantastic. I had one of the best meals of the trip and we ended up being in the right place at the right time to catch the most beautiful sunset I have seen the entire trip e-mail programm herunterladen. I only took pictures of it with my real camera since I couldn’t see how this camera phone could get anywhere close to doing it justice.

$0.50 for 5 min of hot water in the shower deutschland rammstein herunterladen. The best fifty cents I spent all day.



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