Arcata, CA to Richardson Grove State Park, CA [89 miles]

The day of the big redwoods.

The night was one of restless sleep. Between my legs being too sore to remain in any single position for too long and intermittent loud noises, i ended up less than well rested sims download mac for free.

We head to breakfast, pancakes sausage and eggs. Some coffee and route planning. It looks like Petersville will be the stopping point. Somewhere in the low 70 mile range and at the tail end of the ave of the giants alle spiele kostenlos downloaden android.

Sunny warm and an actual head wind for once. My legs are feeling a little sluggish and unresponsive today. Maybe they are getting of this daily game wie kann ich apps auf pc herunterladen. First rest stop, no stop. Neither of us feel like getting off of the bikes. Around 44 miles in we stop off in Rio Dell for enchiladas and vanilla ice cream milk shakes gmx mediacenter dateienen.

Shortly after lunch we reach the ave of the giants and turn off of the 101. 2 lanes of smooth asphalt curving between the massive trunks of sky scraping trees herunterladen. Light floats through the layers of branches and the air is silent and still. We coast down the road experiencing the forest. Car pass. What do they make of this event facebook videos downloaden iphone? They are boxed in, windows shut and sealed. The forest is about 70 degrees and a layer cake of smells. It must be like watching the travel channel. A one dimensional picture show password crack program free chip.

After a few hour of cruising trough the giants we pop through Petersville with out realizing it until we are half a mile past it. A town of 250 and no listing of camping even though the adventure cycling maps say there is songs von soundclouden. The decision is made to continue on.

It seems like every night we cut it to the wire. Garberville. A grocery store. We try to track down camping kostenlose spiele herunterladen deutsch. The locals all say the closest two listed on the map are closed for the season. Everyone recommends Richardson state park. How far is it? 5-12 miles depending on who you ask herunterladen. The sun is setting.

We pass the first closed park in Benbow. We continue. The light is starting to fade and we shouldn’t be on this road after dark. This might end up being a camp on the bushes night. We get to the second closed camp site. Zach wants to turn off until it turns out the actual site is another 2 miles off of the main road. Our lights are on as we push for Richardson. A cave is formed by the forest. Down a slope, one curve after another. A sign, park entrance 900 feet. The entrance. A sign, closed for the season. We will make an exception. Biking reduced your choices and this camp ground is the only one we have to choose from now that the sun has set. We walk around the barricade and have our choice of campsites.



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