Cresent City, CA to Arcata, CA [78 miles]

The goal was McKinleyville which became Arcata.

As Zach and I stepped out of our break day motel he discovered that his front dérailleur had broken here sprachdatei herunterladen. We decided to rush to breakfast and figure out the situation. I ate my delicious tostada fritata and searched for bike shops on the area he finished his plate and headed to home depot to see if he could use a hose clamp as a temp fix herunterladen. No luck.

We ran over to a welder but the brake was not in a location that could be spot welded. But he was able to grab a old rusty der meant for a long spindle double which ended up being what he was forced to rig up since the bike shop turned out to be closed on Mondays alarm für cobra 11 demo download kostenlos. At 10:30, we finally pull out of Crescent City.

It has been taking 8 to 10 miles for my legs to get fully warmed up and loose in the mornings. 4 miles out of town we hit our main challenger of the day; a 4 to 5 mile 1200 ft ascent how can I apps for a toshiba TV. For the first 2 miles my quads feel like a tight bundle of cables straining against my skin. They just were not interested in participating. Finally they decided that they would be team players and that the only relief they were going to see was the coast down the opposite side of the hill youtube videos herunterladen 2020.

I topped the final rise and ran into the hot bodyssey girls. Did some work on their cleat position since one of them was starting to have Achilles pain and then rocketed down the decent bau simulator 3 download kostenlos vollversion pc.

20-25 miles later we are in Orick. The best riding of the day turns out to be the long slight downward grade through the redwoods about 8 miles before the town herunterladen. The pavement is smooth, traffic nearly non-existent, and we are surrounded by massive redwoods for miles and miles. At the diner we run into the women from Vancouver also riding to bike bike garageband kostenlos herunterladen. One has two broken spokes and they are getting a ride to Arcata to both get the bike fixed and to catch a train to SF since they feel they are out of time if they want to make it by the weekend virtualbox fertige images herunterladen. We chat for a whole, Zach works on the spokes, they catch their ride, and we head out on our bikes.

We are making good time but hitting lots of hills and catching strong head and side winds download coffee or tee app. This trip is all wrong weather wise. We should have run into at least a little rain and had tail winds the whole coast. Instead we have been rainless and had head winds every day. 6 of 1, half dozen of another.

I start watching the clock and start pushing the pace. I want to make it to a bike shop tonight so we don’t have to wait around for them to open tomorrow. The average speed is pushing 16 to 18 mph. Low 20s on flats low teens on climbs. We are with in striking range.

I am able to get in touch with a bike shop in Arcata. 10 miles further than we had planned. It is 5:34 and they close at 6. We hammer. 25+ on the flats, upper teens on the climbs. I am listening to my legs. Is this push going to ruin them for tomorrow? The kick feels smooth and I spin. Where is the exit where is the exit. We are racing down the freeway off ramp after off ramp looking for the one for Sunset. My computer is no longer set to display distance, only the current time, which we are running out of. 5:45, 5:50, 5:53, we see the exit. We are blowing through stop signs. 5:56. Left on 13. Left on G. We pull into the shop as they are closing up. Minutes to spare. Zach gets the replacement part. Now where to camp. We ask the owner. Closest place is 8 miles away. Where can we stealth camp. He pauses, and then offers the back yard of the shop. SOLD!

Stuff unloaded, 2 blocks away for a huge pizza and then back to the shop to get the tents pitched. The back yard is a dirt track for monkey bike riding. I set up on the inside of turn 3.


P.S. I (and my bike) broke the 1000 mile mark today.



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