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Cresent City, CA

The run to San Fran begins tomorrow. Today sun and waves.

Also laundry. I track down a laundromat and charm a nice old lady into giving me a scoop of detergent herunterladen kostenlos filme. We have tons of synthetics and wool so we can’t use a dryer. I cart all the damp washed laundry back to the motel and hang everything on the balcony rails zdf broadcast. I am not sure how impressed the other occupants were with this, but the couple which ran the place didn’t bat an eye.

It turns out Cresent City is a big prison town herunterladen. It is also a big crazy town. Not crazy as in fun, but crazy as in insane people. Insane people that make you wonder, as you run into them during the day, if you should venture out at night youtube excerpts. Old man riding a tandem bike alone with a useless 4 stroke engine hanging from the handle bars and a trailer being towed full of car tires. An old toothless woman in a Rascal shouting obscenities at someone on their porch a block behind her bus simulator münchen kostenlosen. The porch dweller was responding in kind. The kid riding his youth mountain bike down the side walk as an obese man, trailing on his beach cruiser by 30 feet, repeatedly screamed “Get Back Here!!!” herunterladen. The repetitious passing of scattered people mumbling meaninglessness to themselves. Did the asylum run out of budget??




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