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Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, WA to Humbug, WA [86 miles]

When choosing a route, anything with climbs named after something demonic or evil might not be your best choice. But then what sort of trip would that be?! windows 2016?

Not only did we manhandle the 7 devils, we passed people doing the same ride unloaded on carbon fiber road bikes. On the other side of the coin we were past by a truck carrying rotting shrimp which we got to enjoy for at least a mile clever-tanken kostenlosen. The stink was unbelievable. We are unsure how the driver was able to avoid permanent brain damage with the toxic load he was hauling around.


Not quite sunset but close herunterladen. The miles of coast line leading up to the park were unbelievably gorgeous. The 3rd coast ain’t got nothing like this. We were racing against the clock but we had to stop to savour the view herunterladen.

At the end of an 84 mile day we rolled into the park. We were going to rent a yurt, but this site did not have any. Maybe next time I roll through Oregon itunes download voor windows 8. I ate hot soup like every night. Zach had a sandwich. Also like every night we each had a 20+oz beer for muscle recovery. All but one were brewed in Portland strangely enough minecraft download code for free. We finished our beers, sat around the fire, and then crashed out.



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