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South Beach, WA to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, WA [79 miles]

32 more miles to go today. I’ll try to send out a real update later. The sun came out after 2 days of grey damp cold. Some killer climbs. A pair of whales heading down the coast landlust herunterladen. A seal colony. I cracked open a fortune cookie with lunch which said “work on improving your exercise routine.” what the hell is that supposed to mean?!?!? youtube video läßt sich nicht downloaden! We ride to William Tugman State Park just north of Lakeside OR. My legs, Charlie Murphy, my legs.


A 75+ mile day herunterladen. We swung out to devils punch bowl. Tide was high so we could not walk all the way out on the beach. But we did get to catch a fire on the beach. Lots of rugged rocky Oregon coastline amazon books for free. No sun to be seen.

As we rode up to Reedsport the sun was setting over a train bridge. Too quickly for us to make to William Tugman State Park 4k player for free. We took an early right into Umpqua set up came, cooked dinner, hung out with thehotbodyssey.wordpress.com crew and then called it a night herunterladen.



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