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Portland, OR

Dropped off some MJ water bottles as thanks at Vanilla Bikes. Did I mention that their Speedvagen cross bike had a personal GQ photo shoot for a special 100 things to have release you can netflix movies? You can check the bike out on their shop website to see if you agree.

Zach’s achilles and knee are still hurting and won’t get in until tomorrow film downloaden online. We will have to figure out if he is just sore or hurt this weekend. Are things up in the air?

Ali shipped one of my other saddles overnight since my new saddle just doesn’t fit my sits bones google cloud bilder herunterladen. He is also getting the house locked down for the storm. Sounds like this is going to be a hectic and messy weekend. He might pick up a generator, but I have my suspicions that it is to run the tv for fox soccer channel rather than the fridge… 🙂

Dropped in on Rapha herunterladen. Cary is down in LA visiting her parents. But Slate and Daniel were both there along one of the UK crew. They along with the River City Cyclocross and Rapha riders had just finished a photo shoot (yes another post fancy photo hang out session) for their new jointly sponsored Rapha/Independent Fabrications cyclocross frame and kit schriften zum downloaden. Got lunch, hung out over coffee, was given some goodies for my ride and headed down town.

Took the river route which drops onto the Esplanade which is a floating peer herunterladen. Coffee at Stumptown and some journal work. Yes this IS the weather that tricks people into moving here.

Time to stop writing. On the way to eat some fancy Cuban food at Pambiche black ops 2 pc kostenlos downloaden.




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