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Portland, OR

A quick breakfast and a ride to coffee. I try to catch up on my journal and realize that my dates are off on the pages. Back track. Still more to write but out of time will try to catch up tomorrow mep24 herunterladen. I need to record my dreams before I forget them.

Tori and I grab some burritos, some cupcakes, and coffee on the way to Vanilla Bikes. I am introduced to Sacha and Scott mediathekview. Scott is retaping bolt holes to remove any paint that may have fouled them during the powder coat. Sasha finishes a stage on a prototype Speedvagen track frame prior to rolling out a frame jig and beginning assembly of a custom steel frame for someone in the UAE wo kann man musik downloaden.

I ask about tube choices, both material and shape. I watch the shaping process used to match tube ends to the head tube and bottom bracket shell wurm spiel kostenlos herunterladen. I am able to take a chain stay from a cut frame from the scrap pile. It is a clean blue base with a lighter blue script overlay. At some point it will have a mount built for it and put on the wall in my room vox mediathek download movies.

We stick around until maybe three when we have to flee so as to have enough time to make it to the cyclecross clinic. The touring tires come off and some nice cross tires take their place herunterladen. The long reach brakes have plenty of clearance. Maybe not for mud, but the tires are a go. 10 miles out to the clinic. 1.5 hours of instruction on dismount, hurdle clearing, and remounting the bike afterwards whatsapp backup icloud herunterladen. 10 miles back into town. Pasta for dinner and I am done.

Zach is 20 miles west of Astoria. He plans on getting here tomorrow night.

The hurricane is barreling into Texas converter mp3 herunterladen. Heavy winds are expected. I should probably call someone to either tie some of my cinder blocks to the legs of my chicken coop or run guide wires to tether it to the ground herunterladen.




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