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Portland, OR

Eggs, potato pancakes, some impressive sausages, and a fresh fig. This trip is rightly revolving around the three things most important to me. Food people and bikes sims 4 bei origin herunterladen. When I was walking down the produce isle at the coop in Olympia I couldn’t wipe the shit eating grin from my face.

I discovered that I had cracked my back rack during yesterdays extreme endurance challenge (brought to you by the makers of FRS, Enervit, and cheese sandwiches) tolino ebook downloaden. The garage is full of bikes, parts, and fabrication tools. I might be able to build the new rails here and use my limited time at vanilla bikes learning a little about frame building rather than rack repair kündigung arbeitsvertrag herunterladen.

One room mate is in the back yard doing woodworking and I talk to the other about his Ducati Monster parked in the garage. It is 80 and clear. Tori has a ride this afternoon, cross training tomorrow, and a race on Sunday samsung galaxy s8 bilder herunterladen. We have decided to skip on bike polo tonight and head to the soaking tubs instead.

My legs are sore but happy. My bike is rackless and light. There is a spare set of cyclecross tires that are asking to be put on the Smoothie and given a spin at the practice tomorrow payroll tax 2016 elster for free.




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