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Olympia, WA to Portland, OR [136 miles]

Didn’t stay long. Will drop in for a longer look next time. I am looking towards Portland and have a schedule to keep. Spoke with Zach. His flight was a mess and he is a day behind gratis minecraft downloaden ios. I think he left Seattle today and will get into Portland two days after me. Assuming his indirect route to the coast and then in isn’t less direct than he planned mediathek videos downloaden mac.

Made my first salad of the trip. Huge with locally grown vegies found at the coop down the street. I had to use a large pan since all of the plates were too small sims 4 häuser downloaden. Fried eggs with cheddar and a side of kiwi and plum for breakfast. I eat breakfast with Amber Cole and Rowen. Loan Tessa my bike pump and finish packing up office 2016 herunterladen key vorhanden. An hour to plan my route and then I split.

Return of the rollers. I snap in and out of the broken shadows. Working up 5 miles climes to be rewarded with 5 mile descents frz. The forest is tall and thick with pine trees. They tower over the under story of cramped ferns. Cars pass me on my left as I zip by black berry tendrils reaching for me on the left adobe reader windows. Traffic is thin; the forest is still. The sun inches up into the sky and the air finally starts to loose its bite. Soon I will need to take off my arm and leg warmers von icloud bilder herunterladen. The day is clear and a light blue. It will probably peek into the 80s like it did yesterday. I have entered Tenino. Most of my climbing done for the day safely. The remainder of my chosen route follows the railroad tracks which should have slight grades at the most.

Coffee, biscottie and another removed fender dateien von youtube downloaden. I return to the ride. I camp tonight.


Seed pods of spent flowers hammer against my front pannier. Slap slap slap slap intellij download kostenlos. The asphalt is smooth like butter and I am pulling 20 on the flats. I keep the sun to my left. None of these roads have signs but I am heading heading south and that is all that matters.

Under the apple tree the sun trickles onto the ground. I lie in the grass among the fallen fruit eating cheese sandwiches and stretching. My bike leans on the chain link fence. We both rest. A crazy man runs down the street yelling meaningless gibberish at the Frito Lay delivery truck.

Miles miles miles. The sun is setting. Why am I still on the bike. I have never done a century. What better time than now. This is supposed to be an epic trip. Today will be a fucking epic ride. One hundred and thirty six miles later I pull into Portland, knock on a door and say hello to Tori. It is 11:20pm. Olympia is nearly 14 1/2 hours in my past.



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