Seattle, WA to Olympia, WA [67 miles]

The morning was less than smooth but at least I got to shower. I pulled up to the ferry just as they lowered the crossing guard and it churned off of the dock download images from iphone to pc. I suppose we can call it even for Friday night. What is not a fair shake is that my gloves are nowhere to be found. Missing the boat gave me time to do a full search sendung aus der mediathek herunterladen. Darn it. At least I stopped for breakfast and have my egg sandwich to keep me company. The next ferry is only an hour off so this gives me time to pull these crappy Soma finders off my bike, finally mac dateien downloaden.

So today. Ferry to Bremerton and then ride to Olympia. I am supposed to deliver my one and only pony express letter there but to date have not been able to get in touch with the recipient zeichenprogramme kostenlos downloaden. She has a ferry ride and 60 miles to get in touch with me.

I can see the boat I AM going to catch out in the bay heading my way. Time to finish breakfast and get my tools out to pull this fender of during the trip program for facebook videos.


The town of incompetent people. The town is so small you would think people would have a clue as to what happens to be in it herunterladen.

Attempt one: man, 40s, walking down sidewalk: excuse me, do you know anywhere in town to eat that would be open today? He looks at me and says Are you new to town herunterladen you tube videos? (WHAT? I am on a bike wearing spandex. Maybe loggers have gotten tired of their flannel and nobody bothered to tell me) um, yeah, just passing through on my way to Olympia dropbox app. I repeat the question. There is dairy queen right down the street. Is there anything others than DQ? He thinks things over… DQ is right over there quicktime playeren windows. I ask again in a different way and get the same answer.

Attempt two: three women 35 35 55: same question. DQ is just across the street. Is there anything other than DQ ms office 2010 kostenlosen vollversion? The talk amongst themselves. Well there was a BBQ in the park but that is over. So is DQ the only thing that is open today? Yeah DQ is right over there. Well I guess this is DQ country and I am having a burger for lunch. DQ lunch one says. All this while the older one keeps repeating “have the desert thing” over and over.

So I head to DQ but then decide screw this! And keep riding. Low and behold a Mexican restaurant 4 blocks away with a delicious chicken burrito and a Mexican coke made fresh just for me.

God damn good help is hard to find sometimes.


I think I am at the perfect hostel, Chez Olympia (the only hostel in Olympia). Chickens!

A run to the grocery store (I am actually going to get to cook dinner) and I make a huge salad with nice cheddar cheese and then kiwi and a plumb for desert.


The guy on the bunk below me has sleep aptnia and needs a respirator when he sleeps. I sleep restlessly as I listen to the sigh and him of the equipment. To his forced, labored, sloppy breathing. To the pauses. Some pauses drag on so long it makes you wonder if the machine accidentally shut off and he might be suffocating. That is until he shutter breaths with choppy sighing inhales. It is like sleeping above Darth Vader.




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