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Victoria, BC to Seattle, WA [84 miles]

Showered, finished loading the bike, and I head for the boat. A quick stop for a friend egg sandwich and coffee to go. Caught the ferry with plenty of time to spare and I was on my way windows 7 professional 32 bit gratis downloaden.

I am back in the US, motoring towards the Washington coast on a ferry. The Olympic mountains rise massively out of the cloud bank carpeting the sea texmaker herunterladen. Today is my first day of real riding. In theory the route follows the coast for the most part, but the magnitude of the rock before me makes me a bit apprehensive rar kostenlosen deutsch. 34-27 climbing gear. Momentum is my friend.

A 75 mile trek down the coast towards Seattle to catch a short hop ferry across the strait into downtown kategorie c lieder kostenlos downloaden. This is a late start but the first ferry out of Victoria was not until 10:30 in the morning. Friends in Victoria are having friends in Seattle put me up mission impossible soundtrack download kostenlos. Hope to make it in before dark. Thinking of all of you. Man do I look good in these bibs. I would look even better if I were smooth like a seal.

Zoom Zoom


I leave Port Angeles and make a wrong turn herunterladen. Some miles out and back added to my trip. I didn’t get through customs until after 1pm so I am going to have to fly to make the ferry by sunset joyn plus+ series. Roller after roller, climb after climb. The only thing better than cresting the top of a four mile climb is the following coasting decent. I pass a lake on my right herunterladen. A break in the trees on my left provides a glimpse of the sea.

I pull in for lunch and do some adjustments on the bike. The seat is lowered 1cm and the stem is raised 1.5cm to do liste zum herunterladen. This helps with some of the discomfort but does nothing for the sensation that my sits bones are being split in half. This saddle is killing me.


The sun is setting and I am 10 miles out and running on empty apps herunterladen kostenpflichtig. I should have eaten more snacks, more often. I think of Liza. If she could ride after her wreck outside of D.C., I can push it to beat the darkness even if I am out of juice and my legs are uncooperative.


Made the ferry as the sun was setting and it was pulling into the dock. I line up with the motorcycles as it ties in. Made good time. Ran out of steam about 10 miles out and drug my ass in. 80+ miles averaging about 14 mph. 1pm to 730pm with 30 min for lunch. The IT band in my left knee is a little sore. The Seattle crash pad hook-up fell through. All the hostels are full. It is 8pm, dark and cold, and I want dinner. One of the hostels says that if people don’t check in by 10pm they will open up the rooms. I choose not sleeping in the gutter over food and start to make my way to the hostel in the hopes of waiting for a room. I pass a cyclist going the other direction and we do the standard cyclist wave… wait a second. I switch to Plan C. Pull a u-turn; catch a red light; run the red; sprint. I find him sitting down on the outside patio of a pub about to order a beer. I roll up and ask how he would feel about me crashing on his floor. Sure no problem he says. I buy him a couple beers and enjoy a huge cheddar bacon hamburger and fries. Gregg and I finish up and head home. Going to track down another place tomorrow but first things first. Time for a shower and sleep.




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