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Victoria, BC

Rolled out of bed and walked to Blair’s work with Branden for breakfast. The two of us decided to spend out time walking the city rather than riding since there would be plenty of that in the future avast kostenlos downloaden.

Good coffee, great breakfast. A friend egg sandwich with bacon, avocado, and cheese with a 1/2&1/2 side of rosemary russet potatoes and fresh fruit mädchenspiele kostenlos herunterladen. Fresh kiwi and strawberries accompanied by a super cute French Canadian barista with piercings, face paint, and plumage. We ate, chatted, and worked on our journals starface voicemail herunterladen. A Dutch girl sat down at the table beside ours. Sandra was travelling across Canada Wolfing (work trading for room and board on farms). She became our 3rd for the day windows update wachten open.

Met up with Hankja, Saul, and his mother at a fish and chips shop, on the marina, for a quick lunch. Chatted and checked out the seals. Then we drove down the coastal rode to some of the scenic look outs and up a hill which provided a 360 degree view of the city videos von orf tvtheken. After out tour they dropped me off at the MTN Coop, of which I am now a lifetime member since you can’t buy anything with out joining, where I picked up an additional stuff sack, a lighter, and a fuel can for my stove nextcloud bilder herunterladen. On the way back to the Apt I hit up a grocery store for some emergency food supplied: canned soup, tuna, and sardines. Yum.

We all lounged in Annwyn’s living room watching movies and eating candy holzfäller simulator 2014 kostenlosen vollversion. Branded and I finally packed up all our gear and crashed out. I have a ferry to catch in the morning. Unfortunately the earliest ferry to Port Angles doesn’t leave until mid morning which gets me into Washington mid day herunterladen.



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