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Swartz Bay BC to Victoria BC [45 miles]

I am going to take Blair up on his offer. A free place to crash in a city with a 6-1 female to male ratio. How could I turn down such an offer?

Branden and I rode Locksite Trail from Sidney to Victoria file station ordner herunterladen. Stopped off at some Denny’s knock off for breakfast and then later at a grove of wild blackberry bushes for dessert. The first stretch of trail was down the coast followed by a long trek through wooded paths wieviel kann man bei netflix herunterladen.

We arrived 10min before Blair got off of work. Met up, and then headed to O’ra’le for some surprisingly good tacos and tostadas. Finished it off right with a creamy Flan google chrome free windows 10. The four of us headed back to Annwyn’s apartment to drop off out stuff and go walking around the town.

We stop in at a Canoe, bar overlooking the bay windows vista home premium kostenlos. They have beer; I have a mojito. Then Swan, where we all split 3 pitchers of Beer: ESB, Lauger, Artic. For dinner we end up at Pagliacci’s, a fantastic Italian restaurant wd my cloud herunterladen. One Black Jack, a black current liquor with various other ingredients, and a huge slice of unbelievable lasagne. The night is finished off with a so so hip hop show at a local nightclub where these two guys kept trying to talk at me and Branden gameboy spiele downloaden. Not my scene but you can’t win them all.




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