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Vancouver, BC to Swartz Bay, BC

My feet rest against the cold metal of my ancient bunk bed. A mattress of hard springs wrapped in thin cloth and then a thick plastic cover. It crackles as I shift facebook video. I hope it does its job and keeps the bed bugs from setting up shop. The early sun rise leaks through the ratty brown curtains.

I rinse my face and decide against a shower, after seeing the state of the tub, and stick with yesterdays cloths which I wore through the night due to it being 50 degrees and only having the thinnest of top sheets eine kopie deiner facebook-daten herunterladen.

Down the street is a Chinese cafe which advertises a typical breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage. I am served bad weak coffee by a gentleman carrying his own to-go cup from Starbucks in his other hand wd smartware herunterladen. From my window booth I watch the endless stream of bicyclists on their commute.

Dropped another bolt off of the rack arm. Headed to a bike shop where I swapped out bolts for longer bolts and lock nuts where I could and lock tight the others wget verzeichnis herunterladen. The wrenches at Bike Sport Pacific loaned me a stand, helped me figure out which ferry would get me to Salt Spring Island, and then didn’t charge me for the random parts windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen.

Sushi for lunch where I met a traveller from Austin who took my photo and said her would drop by the shop to prove I was actually on my trip, He said he works at IBM cubase herunterladen.

Bike, to bus, to ferry, to Salt Spring Island. Met a guy from Victoria named Blair. We ended up hanging out the entire boat trip talking about bikes and motorcycles herunterladen. As we disembarked on Vancouver Island, he to ride his motorcycle to Victoria and me for my next ferry ride, he said I should try to make it down to Victoria and he and his girlfriend would put me up for a couple of days herunterladen.

Saul didn’t get the message that I was on my way so nobody met me at the station. I didn’t know where they were staying, so I was out of luck herunterladen. Ate some dinner and was about to head to a camp site on the island when I ran into a cyclist named Branden from San Louis Obispo, CA.

He was trying to figure out when the next ferry was leaving so he could get to Vancouver Island herunterladen. I didn’t know if I would have any better luck finding Saul tomorrow and the cell phone service sucked on Salt Spring, so Branden and I teamed up and caught the last ferry off the island as night was settling in. We rode in the dark to the nearest camp site, which we finally managed to find after accidentally riding in the wrong direction for 20min.

As I was setting up my tent I got a call from my mom. She had Hankja, Saul’s wife, on her house phone and me on her cell. They had finally gotten my message and were trying to figure out where I was. As it turns out, Saul had parked at the same restaurant, at which I was eating dinner, so that his mom could use the bathroom. But he parked on the side of the building and did not get out of the car and my bicycle was leaned up out front. We missed each other by 20 feet. We will meet up in Victoria for Lunch.



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