Austin, TX to Vancouver, BC

2am, pack my bags. Go to sleep. Get out of bed at 5am. Finish cleaning, eat some oatmeal, shake out a rug, last minute packing, head to the airport rechtschreibprüfung herunterladen kostenlos.

The flight leaves at 6:55am. Get out of the car at 6:10am. Check in takes 5min. $150 for bike and overweight (I am right at the max pack weight of 70lbs) herunterladen. The assistant is super cool and waves the over sized charge which would have been an additional $100!

Arrived. You can sleep well now. About to start building the bike ios 12.4 downloaden. The TSA had opened the box, but everything is still in place and undamaged.

2hrs later, on the dot, I roll out and head into Vancouver. The road is busy, but there are bike routes all the way out of the airport so traffic is not much of a challenge the hunter kostenlos herunterladen.

I grab a bed at the American Backpackers Hostel which is a huge dive just off of skid row. There is a free music performance in the park a block away ts3 herunterladen. The people watching is good even though the music is not. Sleep early.



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