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A Day of Work

Not tons to write about unless I write about writing. A day spent creating entries. Recording words, editing photos, uploading videos. A day of catching up app windows 8. Not enough space or bandwidth for my full set of films. Maybe I will add them at some point in the future.

Today I wore out my brain rather than my legs herunterladen. Posted to the present. Aperitif, then, dinner, followed by a lamp lit walk. A bottle of white wine from foot squished grapes. Cultivated and produced within the neighboring town samsung tv disney+ app herunterladen.

Lounging on the porch of the Tric Trac. A family affair. Owned by the grandfather, run by the son. The grandson being too young at nine. And too busy defending his title of regional age based road bike champion only windows movie maker.

The bottle is done. A stroll along the foot of the citadel walls. To the aqueduct bridge basking in the incandescent flood. Fading into shadow before reaching the distant terminus maxdome series.

Tomorrow is back to Rome. A final day in Italy. The trip is almost over. The month is nearly gone.



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