Another medieval town. Another fortress on a hill. Everyone living in these towns must have amazing calves. Continuous stair repeats.

A walk in the morning. Up to the citadel. Past the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’ Assunta. Nearly every shop window advertises the Festival dei Due Mondi. An summer music and opera festival that has occurred every year since 1958.

The weather is perfect. Perfect for a ride. Across the Roman aqueduct, now a foot bridge. 3-4 inches deep with gravel. I am forced to walk the bike across. Trying to not let the loose rocks into my socks and shoes.

Finally, up a local mountain and back down. An out and back. A quick ride to even out the legs. I have not been stretching enough. My IT Bands are too tight and my knees have begun to develop a little jig at the top of my pedal stroke. Only one person to blame for that.

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Just in time to shower and catch a local historic parade. Colorful flags and tights. Drums and horns. One march followed by another. The first in fancy clothes. The second fielding fancy cameras.

A delicious multi-course dinner. A large green salad with tomatoes and shredded carrots. A plate of pasta. The noodles hand made at restaurant. With a square cross section. Bathed in a sweet tomato sauce and fresh basil. To which a add a generous helping of finely grated parmesan cheese. Then the thin pork chops in a fresh gravy, topped with sliced local greens. Almost full. Just enough room for the tiramisu.



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