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Lost in the Hills of Tuscany

For 75 miles. A bit of an exaggeration, but I really only had a general idea of where I was. Intentional. I started heading south/south west through and then out of town in search of small towns among the hills herunterladen.

The morning seems to be full of red accents. Doors, gates, buildings. A gated front yard with five barrels of varying sizes. A smooth shiny crackled finish makros herunterladen. Exposing the black base coat underneath.

Another town, replacing red with forest green.

A short cut through a field on an unpaved farm road wie kann man gta herunterladen. At first soft smooth soil. Rich in clay. The back wheel slips. One point is too steep for traction and I walk up the rise. The ridge is more packed and rocky story highlights herunterladen. But still built for tractors and farm equipment. A pile of rectangular hay bails stacked four high. Back onto the pavement.

Riding rollers is a strange sensation herunterladen. I had grown used to hours of grind. The switch over to a terrain which allows a tempo is wonderful although a bit alien. Smooth assents and descents. Sometimes 10-15% is traversing two packed ridges, but generally gradual transitions windows 10 gratis downloaden 32 bit.

Nearly every square meter of soil is tilled. As far as the eye can see. A lunar landscape of churned bare earth. Not the brown sandy silty ridges found in the mid west herunterladen. Inland sea leavings. These fields are full of lumpy broken masses of gray earth.

I feel my legs begin to wear thin. It is time to turn around. One problem with wandering like this is that a good return route may be hard to find emojis herunterladen pc. I have already gone pretty far afield and decided to go with the not totally desirable but very direct route. I trade scenery for traffic and speed. Up the SP2 into Siena how to ark for free. Into the core of the city.

Like Rome it has cobbled streets. But different. The surface is more like flagstone. The Roman cobbles are maybe 4 inches square on the road surface microsoft word deutsch kostenlos downloaden. These vary from 1-3 feet. It is hard to tell which is worse. The small cobbles cause lots of shaking. A continuous stream of rattling vibrations. Your wheels don’t roll over the larger versions. They roll down into them or up on top of them. You still get the edge bumps when you transition between stones, but there is much more see-saw action to the ride. I am pretty sure the latter is more jarring. But maybe the first exhausts your hands more quickly.

In the wrong direction you can find your self on the steepest streets I have seen in a city. The historic section claimed the high ground for defensive reasons and many of the side streets show it. Tourists march up them at a slant, a woman struggles to push a stroller. I climb through the crowds.



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