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We didn’t miss out train, six minutes to spare, but we did muss sunflower season across Tuscany. Fields of hacked off stalks, brown and black herunterladen. Those still bearing heads, after having gone to seed, hang them like mourners at a funeral. Their own.

The age of the train you are supplied with is inversely proportional to your proximity to the trunks of the railway herunterladen. Siena may be a desirable destination, but it is way out on a branch. Ours is short and stout. Its height out of proportion to its minuscule length. Three cars in all access testversion download kostenlos. Three non-matching shades of blue, a faded celeste, and some sort of tope thrown in for good measure. A single track of florecent tube lighting glows behind translucent cream colored plastic wie kann ich ein facebook videoen. Possible clear at some point in the past.

The visuals could use some improvements, but the heart of the machine sounds and feels well cared for youtube video online mp4. The first diesel locomotive of the trip. You can feel it rev up, pause, and then change gears. It may even have a manual transmission.

In stations, when we stop to pick up new passengers, or to leave old ones behind, you can feel your seat gently knock in time with the idle of the engine herunterladen.



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