It is a balancing act. Enough pressure to protect the rim; enough to avoid a pinch flat. But still some give to absorb, at least a little bit, the chaotic accelerations being force fed to you by the block faced road wie kann man bei amazon musik downloaden. This is the second ride on the Roman cobble stones.

It was slick this morning, raining intermittently all week. But, most surfaces are dry, dry enough, for me to take a chance lol herunterladen. The time worn stone is dangerously slippery to walk on when they are wet. I am not yet ready to take on that challenge on my bike.

North north east to Lazzerti herunterladen. A bike shop with ninety two years of history. Design, fabrication, and full builds through out the decades. Keeping pace with the advancements of the art, they now create with carbon fiber stickmotive gratis zumen. Only available though one shop. Theirs.

An extended route back to the apartment. Up through the roundabout in Piazza Vieniza, at the foot of L’ Altare della Patria hp deskjet 2540 treiber download kostenlos. Onto the Via del Muro Torto, ruffly translated as “the curvy broken walled road”. A good chance for another video. Once up to speed, the scooters drop behind ordner aus icloud herunterladen. Left through the Porta Flamino, the gate to Piazza del Popolo and the cobbles beyond. Into the central district.

The cable connectors chatter against the frame altes skype herunterladen. My tricepts shutter under the skin. I try to stay light on the saddle and light on my hands. The sharp impulses are too much for my GoPro’s mount winrar 64 bit kostenlos herunterladen. The static friction of its clamp is overwhelmed. It tilts and drifts as the front end is tossed around. The video ends with a surprise.

Tomorrow we leave for Tuscany and just hit a minor snag kostenlose töneen. Bikes are not allowed on the subways until after 9pm. It is only 4. I could brake mine down and try the same trick I used on the way back from Milan, but I don’t have my electrical tape and Hannie would still be stuck hp officejet 2620 treiber kostenlos. We go stash the bikes at his old school and will just pick them up tomorrow on the way to the train. Hopefully they will remain untouched. I have been sketching out an ultra-light short pack bag, for trains and busses not planes. Maybe I will actually create it when I return now. A way to make these stumbling blocks non-issues.

2009-09-21h-200x150Juan, an Italian cowboy. From Sicily. In love with the southwest, a deep desire for country music. Inspired. By the 50’s. Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash. Two giants, both, in many ways, still alive. Still speaking.

“Real country music, not the stuff on the FM, is raw. They take their harts onto the table and slice it into ten pieces.”

We head to Hosteria de Corredo for some fantastic pasta and wine. The Mago Guarda, the Look Magician, appears for a surprise show. More physical humor than magic. Half functioning equipment, exaggerated acts. A Roman institution in his own way, 10 years working the circuit. A Pakistani transplant.



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