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Noche de Sevilla

This city is good for random walks. You can get lost for hours. Disappearing into random neighborhoods only to pop out at the foot of a monument, cathedral, or grandiose fountain with out warning herunterladen. It has been raining all week and today is no exception.

It is only sprinkling, but that is plenty to separate the natives from the tourists. The first head towards their destinations with purpose leseschlau herunterladen. At most, a jacket and a hat. If no hat, a folded newspaper. The latter enveloping the sidewalks. With their umbrellas cheaply made and cheaply bought from the random walking street vender warface for free. Slapping faces and endangering eyes. Desperate to figure out how to get to their next destination. Desperate to figure out exactly where they are.

My Rapha Stowaway and Cycling Cap instagram op laptopen. Enough to keep out the damp. A comfortable stroll. Testaccio, the 20th district. Up, through the ghetto. To Trastevere. Back down along the river. Shielded by the leaves and branches of the trees solitär downloaden kostenlos. The Tiber is looking a little more natural. Increased clarity via increased flow.

Bolognese leftovers and then back out into town. We b-line for the Piazza Navona wo bücher als pdf downloaden. There is a special outdoor Flamenco performance. Noche De Sevilla. The piazza is crowded and the stage is hard to see. We climb up onto part of one of the surrounding buildings for an unobscured view kaspersky anti virus herunterladen. Classical guitars, clapping hands, stomping feet. Multilayered dresses. Bright colors.

After the concert we take a side trip to see the Trevi Fountain and the Ponti Cestio, the oldest bridge in Rome, at night einzelne lieder auf spotify downloaden. Ponti Cestio is one of two bridges connecting the only island in Rome. Tiber Island, housing an abby, hospital, and a church; disconnected from the shore by a moat made of the Tiber river denkspiele kostenlos herunterladen.



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