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Baby Blue Vespa

A 125cc scooter. While I read and worked Hannie and Susie picked one up and zipped out of town. To change it up and to visit the Pope’s Summer Residence, a little ways out side of town herunterladen. 24hrs for 60 Euros. A steal.

Back a little before dinner. A chance for me to take it for a spin. It is Saturday night and traffic is starting to jam up drachen bilder zum herunterladen. One of the many advantages of a two wheeled transport in this city. Between cars, around cars, down the center line, in the other lane. Like the flow of water around boulders, everyone dashes around the immobile commuters, choosing any opening available garmin app. On coming traffic does not honk, but moves a little further to the right to give us additional clearance. Our actions are expected and accepted.

The crowds are out herunterladen. Out for dinner, out for a drink, out for anything other than sitting at home. The sidewalks are packed and parking is non-existent. Parking means anything not directly in the center of the street herunterladen. I stop to watch groups saunter by. My time is up and dinner needs to be prepared.

Tortiglioni noodles with a slow simmered Bolognese. Ingredients acquired at a near by open air pseudo farmer’s market google maps for free. Small operations with one level of separation from the producer. Traditional butchers, animal flesh artists. The beef and pork ground while we waited movie maker effekte kostenlos downloaden. Expert hands create quadruple butterflied chicken breasts and carve perfect steaks with razor sharp knives.



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