A drive to the Mediterranean coast. A day at the beach.

The city is left behind. We are headed west. Southwest. Down to Sperlonga wget ganze seite herunterladen. Hard to access during the tourist rush, but that is two weeks in the past.

Soft sand, surprisingly clear water, long rows of umbrellaed beach chairs netflix now. The place is practically deserted. We almost have it to ourselves. A small trickle of walkers make their way way along the waterline. Evenly tanned.

Unlifeguarded rescue paddle boats regularly spaced zenderlijst download dreambox. The surf is low and gentle, but we three are the only bodies in the water. I guess people come to the beach for the beach, rather than the sea.

A coffee and a book on the patio of a cafe overlooking the surf as the sun begins its slow descent excel tabellen zum downloaden. A migration to the ancient town on the hill for some exploration and aperitif.

A maze of winding staircases, hidden tunnels, and dead end turns network error when downloading. Secret passageways and sudden openings. A landing provides a final view of the sunset as it is submerged into the quiet sea. The sky becomes dark, the piazza and passageways yellow, cast from the sodium bulbed fixtures herunterladen.

Like the beach, attendance in town is low. Mostly locals, or near locals, coming out for an afternoon or evening.

A drink and a bowl of olives while we wait for the restaurant to become ready whatsapp downloaden gratis. Dinner in Italy is a late affair. Places just start to open their doors around, 8pm. And that is probably just to cater to the non-native crowd. Real Italians wouldn’t be caught crossing the threshold until at least 9 herunterladen.



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