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A Day Inside

I have been on the move for much of this trip. Today I feel like being still. Camping out in the apartment on Via Florio and working my way through a book or two minecraft texture pack herunterladen. Planning my trip to Tuscany next week and cooking some easy meals. The sun is shining but storms are expected this afternoon. A time to relax and recharge minecraft texture pack sphax purebdcraft kostenlos 1.8. A time for some quiet.

A chance to cover things I forgot to include in my previous posts. Like the fact that there is NOT a direct train between Rome and Milan that accepts bikes pdf dokumente kostenlosen. The original night train was not a fluke. The day train does not accept bike either. To move between the two cities with a bike requires that you follow some multi-stop monstrosity of a route that meanders through a small towns in the country side fortnite auf macbook pro herunterladen. And add hours to your already long trip. Undesirable to say the least. They didn’t even want to sell me the ticket since I had, at first, asked about an additional bike ticket download children's series for free. Finally, they relented. I would be the conductor’s problem. He could throw me off when I tried to jam my bike into the carriage.

The day cars have even less luggage space than the version designed for over night travel amazon prime music album. No large above seat racks. No problem an allen wrench and some electrical tape can’t resolve. Wheels off, frame separated. Seat post left in the top tube collar so I don’t have to readjust it later omsi bussen downloaden. Front and rear triangles, side by side and over lapping. Upside down. Rear brake caliper surrounding the seat post, Wheels strapped together against the drive train, spokes creating a protective cadge for the rear derailleur herunterladen. A tripod, hoods and saddle. A single unit, bound by ringlets of black tape, that slips into the luggage cubby unnoticed, out of the way. Traditional luggage slides in next to it, unnuisanced günstig kinderfilme downloaden.




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