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A Return to Rome

A new apartment, courtyard facing windows. A big city courtyard. Like NY. Walled tiled sections, subdivided between the six or seven buildings encompassing the square block flags for free. Clotheslines strung between windows. Dry sheets, once again wet from the falling rain. Multicolored shreds of fabric, hung above the roof line, flutter diktiergerät herunterladen kostenlos.

It is after 7pm and dusk has fallen. Workday occupants have arrived home. Lights are flickering on behind shuttered windows. Shadows drift behind blinds outlook settings images.

The stream of a hundred conversations fill the open space. Children pleading with parents. A phone rings, antique and unanswered. A dog barks, ignored netzwerkadapter herunterladen. A man bent with age sings softly to himself on his landing while somewhere above us, two elderly women bicker.



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