A Layover In Milano

I fianlly got in touch with Hannie last night. This morning a train from Tirano through Lecco to Milan. A day train this time. I want a unmoving bed tonight film op mac.

I am done with my book and need another. With a lead on a book store that carries books in English and a three hour layover, I made a dash into the city herunterladen.

A half mile out, the book store is found. A small section, but they are in English. Most are expensive but a row of Penguin Popular Classics are less than four euros each herunterladen. I grab Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

Still plenty of time. Plenty of time for a stop at the Duomo di Milano heart pictures for free. Gothic. Begun in the 1300s, and nearly 500 years until most of the main construction was completed. Plans change with the passing of generations. Finally, the last gate was inaugurated, in 1965 javascript download op ipad. A fractal built of stone.



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