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A day off the bike. A day to walk. The best way to explore a place is to pick a random direction and start wandering. The interesting things are discovered that way youtube videosen mit ss. Hidden courtyard gardens. Narrow streets with frescoed arches. Local monuments to unknown heroes.

The ruins of walls and a tower, surrounded by acres upon acres of apple groves taste snare phone. Power lines and irrigation hoses hop between two of the broken sections, over the thin dirt tractor road. Part of me wishes the structure had been left in its pristine state of decay schrittzähler app deutsch kostenlos herunterladen. I have a protectionist attachment for things old and historied. But, maybe my outlook is due to so little of our environment being antique. Here it is just part of the landscape metronom kostenlosen chip. Built for one purpose long ago, used for another now. Slowly being reclaimed by the land. Buried beneath apples.

Grapes, figs, and kiwis grow next to a cluster of homes, breaking up the fruit hegemony videos von youtube herunterladen auf handy. The road ends. Sneaking between grow rows, across private land, seeking the next available path. The sickly sweet smell of over ripened fruit rotting on the ground envelops me open office präsentation kostenlos download.

Roosters bellow in the distance. A hound bays. An enclosure with two huge white Leghorns at the peak of their maturity. Long curving tail plumage, large red crowns qr code app kostenlos herunterladen. The bright flesh around their eyes is tapered into a tear drop. Broad in the front, a point in the rear. A third, somewhere to the east, fills the air with its call free songs iphone. The two return the challenge in unison. More concerned with the distant rival than the close adversary.



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