Passo di Mortirolo

A good way to have a hard day. A good way crush your quads. The Passo Mortirolo!

Too much to take care of this morning to get an early enough start for the big loop where to download music for free. The crew at the bike shop had kept talking about Mortirolo and that it was even worse (some may consider that better) than Gavia. What better time than now Fraps full version free download chip.

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A light lunch and an early afternoon start hintergrund bilder herunterladen. I am not sure there is a term for proper warm up in Italian. Every one of these rides start out as false flats. I think I am starting to loose track of what level feels like, looks like herunterladen. Every time I think I am just tired and going slow, it turns out I have just been climbing and wasn’t able to figure it out. Everything is tilted kaspersky protection herunterladen.

A mostly straight and slightly inclined run out to Grosio. A right hand turn a “Lucky Bar” and the hardest ride of my life begins. I didn’t know that they even made roads like this herunterladen. I didn’t have a clue what I was in for when I started.

The guys at the shop claimed 20% maxes sprinkled across the route. Wikipedia reports 18%ers herunterladen. Either way it is super super steep. And the average: 10.5%. Two stops. One to take off my helmet, it is just too hot, sweat is draining into my eyes. The second, to refill my water bottles 3/4s of the way up moderne bewerbungsvorlagen kostenlos downloaden. The hours were filled with the desire to turn around and go home. This climb is ludicrous. But, as long as your legs are not cramping and you have enough energy to scream obscenities (in your head), both at your the road and the builders, you can put in another pedal stroke herunterladen. Finally, after 2.5hrs out of Turino, I am up. Past all of the famous names littering the pavement in weathered spray paint. Basso, Gotti, Belli.

My only companions, past the pastures and the stone walled shacks, was a swarm of flies, patiently dogging me around every turn wo kann ich anno 1800 downloaden. The shadow of their pulsating sphere cast by the rearward sun. Adding an additional distraction to an already trying ride, they land, scavenging my salt laden sweat. But even they didn’t have the stamina to finish the job at hand. I am alone, silence surrounds. Slowly, my heart rate returns to something approximating normal. With blisters on both middle fingers (seriously), from repetitively torquing the bars, I take a long brake to view the world and put on a jacket. The clouds are on their way in and this will be another chilly descent.

Long smooth sweeping. This was the harder but proper way to achieve the mount. If for no other reason because descending the steep face would have been a nightmare of cramping hands and burning brakes. On the far slope I practically let her go. Overtaking cars which move to the side so I may continue my flight.

Small towns perched on the walls of the chasm like birds nests full of multi-colored eggs. The narrow road clings uncertainly, tentatively threading the pockets of civilization. A challenge to gravity, and gravity always wins in the end.

The sun is setting, I am just barely pulling through Aprica. My body empty, doing what it can to move the bike down the road.

I look back along my route. The rays of the sun are nearing perpendicular; the faces of the buildings in the distance achieve their full potential. Beaming bright cheerful colors. A final explosion in defiance of the approaching night.



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