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Nauders, Austria

An extra day in Prato allo Stelvio, unplanned. Austria is within striking distance. Lets go.

The general route, except mostly on bike trails herunterladen.

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Getting there seems easy enough mms herunterladen android. A nearly straight shot out and back. Back to the bike way. A gentle flow of traffic. Bikers and hikers. Not many cyclists. The majority of the rigs seem rented for day trips ibooks downloaden android. Mostly mid 40s and 50s on mountain bikes out for a calm cruise. Pavement interleaved with gravel. Flats become false flats. Actual climbs begin to crop up herunterladen. I notice that nearly all of the trail wear is to my left, heading the opposite direction. Bike vans with empty trailers are heading home after delivering their loads kwalitanen. People are carried to the top and coast down, visiting each of the small towns.

I am finally at the top, having climbed up the west side of the lake, and very ready for lunch herunterladen. Bit it is mid day, 1pm. All of the groceries are closed until 2:30. 12-2:30. I am disinterested in a €15-20 lunch. Down to Nauders. One grocery is closed, but I am in luck, another is open hp solution center download kostenlos. A lunch, a coffee, and a fast ride home. I need to rest and stretch. Tomorrow will be much harder.



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