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Powerman Zofingen

I spent most of the day on the back of a Harley moving up and down the field of competitors. “Hopp Hopp”ing John. “Go go” in Swiss German, “Hup hup” in Belgian, and “Venga venga” in Spanish tango kostenlos herunterladen. A food bottle hand up on the second bike lap and a couple of stops on the steepest climbs to watch the riders crawl by. My camera has stopped working nero brennprogramm kostenlos chip. I think the battery is not holding a charge any longer. So, I just watched the race rather than scanning for good photo opportunities.

John was doing well outlook bilder herunterladen fehlt. Mid to high 30s on the run. A very hard climbing course for a runner of his size. His bike had moved him into the teens. Unfortunately, 10k into his final 30k run his stomach became angry with him herunterladen. His stride was still good, but he was pretty unhappy. A bounce back 10k before the finish. Almost his personal best course time but not quite. I think he was happy enough with his results, and very happy with the weather windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen 32 bit.

Some delicious Italian food for dinner and then the awards ceremony. The woman’s winner is Erika Csomor, from Hungary, and the men’s World Champion, with a new course record, is Jeori Vansteelant, from Belgium epson treiber drucker kostenlos downloaden.

Tomorrow I head back into Italy. Rene is driving to Zurich for work and will drop me at the train station there. Then it is Zurich->Landquat->Sagliains by train silvester videos 2019 kostenlos downloaden. The following ride through the east of Switzerland to the border and beyond is supposed to be fantastic. Over the Res into Val Müstair in one of Switzerland’s National Park 7 zip 32 bit kostenlos download.

The next two days of riding will be long and very challenging, with lots of climbing.
Day 1: Sagliains, Switzerland to Prato allo Stelvio, Italy (A->B; 67km)
Day 2: Prato allo Stevio to Tirano via Sondalo (B->E->C/G; 85km)
Tirano to Bormio via Linigno to Tirano via Gavia (C/G->D->E->F-C/G; 179km loop which may be too much but I am thinking of leaving the pack in Tirano, for the day, which may make the impossible possible)

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If my legs survive, I should be on my way from Tirano to Rome on the 10th herunterladen. If my legs are usable that morning, I might try to ride from Tirano to Lecco to see the eastern shore of Lake Como before cramming myself into another train herunterladen. Maybe I will invest in a sleeper bunk so I don’t another sleepless night in transit.



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