Uerkheim, Switzerland

Tomorrow is the Long Distance Duathlon (run-bike-run/10km-150km-30km) World Championships in nearby Zofingen. Powerman 2009. The reason John is here wie kann ich spiegel pdf herunterladen. Aside from being a nice guy, he is a CAT1 road bike racer and elite level duathlete. He was lucky enough to score an amazing host family which has been his race home base for the last 9 years youtube auf nintendo 3ds herunterladen. This year they were kind enough to let me tag along.

Two years ago he finished 12th in a field of at least 300. Last year he was going to finish even better until he was hit by a car on one of the descents herunterladen. Broken wheel and road rash. But no broken bones or bike. His goal is, at a minimum, 10 of these races. Two more finishes will achieve that goal and earn him a 24k gold pin in recognition eine e mail herunterladen.

Today he, Rene, and I rode out to the course and did one of the 50km laps. Three good climbs, the second of which is more of a two stager on two roads with a short flat section after the turn onedrive os x herunterladen. Long and steep leading into shorter and steeper.

The country side is amazing and the weather is perfect. Yesterday was cloudy and wet. Today mostly clear and dry amazon prime inhalte downloaden. A perfect temperature for climbing and only one section of headwind. Not a hammer fest, but Johns “roll out the legs” pace is not particularly casual wo fortnite herunterladen.

Lush green farm lands running from the very edge of the road, grasping to the side of the rising hills. Happy cows slowly terracing some of the very steepest slopes with their repetitive grazing download audiobooks for free illegally. Turning what was once a 60% incline into more manageable staircase. Mouths full of dark soft grasses. Udders full of rich white milk. A herd of goats is also working avira herunterladen und installieren. A bell per animal. A different tone of ring per instrument.

We zip through small towns and villages, too quickly for me to catch their names. The route has only a few stop signs, but many round abouts epson scan program. Most of the roads were empty of vehicles for much of the ride, tomorrow there will be 900 competitors filling them with bikes. 300+ for the long distance event.

Close to 40 miles with around 2800ft of climbing.

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A nice loop and then it is back to the house for a lunch of leftovers and pasta. Dark grapes just cut from the vine, staining my fingers purple. Espresso and chocolate. We relax after lunch on the back porch of the house. Maya leaves to exercise one of their horses and I work out my next couple of steps. John and Caroline leave for Spain on Monday before returning to the States. I will be heading back into Italy.



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