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Madonna del Ghisallo

The bike almost didn’t make it onto the train. Only some quick talking in Italian by Hannie with one of the conductors got me through the gates. Once I was on my way I received a quick scolding by another conductor about it not being in a box. I am pretty sure he was just letting me know that he knew that I wasn’t supposed to have it loaded the way it was herunterladen. Not expecting me to do anything about it. He hurried off after letting me know I was wrong but before I could say anything. The other passengers just smiled in amusement and told me to not worry, I was fine.

What I wasn’t fine about was that my ticket was a non-guaranteed ticket. Which, I did not realize, means that you are not guaranteed a seat youtube videos as mp3 on mobile. I was under the impression you just didn’t have an assigned seat number. The train was full, I had space for my bike and the other 6 in the cabin were nice enough to cram me in between them. But, it became a decision between three of us not sleeping or just me. I moved into the hallway to sit and wait out the overnight ride. With a total of 1.5 hours of reasonably solid sleep on the floor of the narrow walkway, I arrived in Milan herunterladen. Hopped onto the intertown line to Lecco and arrived at the beginning of my ride slightly after 9am.

Some coffee, food, and I am bibed up. There are heavy clouds in the sky, but I have places to be, people to meet, maybe. I have the route entered into my Garmin and the backpack is fully loaded. Notes to self, don’t bring a reading book, tear the pages of the guide book, find a way to loose some of the mass of this thing fifa pc for free. I am running very light, but maybe not light enough. Today should be fine, but Gavia may not be approachable.

Lake Como is the deepest lake in Europe. And it is apparent by the slop of the mountains as they terminate at the water’s edge. Craggie and imposing. Sheer. A short bridge out of town, and I head north spiele für mac kostenlosen. I am surprised as I enter the mouth of the first tunnel. I had thought the road followed the edge of the water, I guess I was wrong. 7 min in, 2 min out and then 5 min through the second. The first couple of fat drops fall. I keep riding. The rain continues to increase in intensity. This is going to require a jacket. The Velocity pack is already paying its way, all my stuff is dry, but I am starting to get soaked windows 10 pro microsoft. I pull out my Rapha Stowaway and NightRider lights. X2 for the front and Cherry Bomb for the back. An issue, I left my rear lights bracket in Rome. Rookie mistake. And the pack does not have a clip mount. The jacket has reflective striping and I will just have to take my chances. I am getting pored on. My shoes are full of water minecraft windows kostenlos herunterladen. My bibs are soaked. I am ok temperature wise, but can tell I will be cold when I get off the bike. Tight roads with reduced visibility. Sharp turns. Water is flowing down the road at points before spilling off the edge into the lake below. The only thing light about this ride is the traffic. Just as the weather starts to clear I enter Bellagio. I am pretty sure I just rode through the only hour of rain that is going to happen today microsoft office 2010 herunterladen. Sigh.

It is 11:30. I am early. I find the pseudo meet up location but the name of the roads are different than on Google maps. Wet and cold, I put on my only additional layer. It helps some, but I would not consider myself comfortable. If John does not make it, I am going to have some hard decisions about where I am heading bewerbung schreiben herunterladen. Bellagio is not an option with its 180 Euro rooms.

OK, it is 12:45, I am too cold. I need to get up to the Cathedral and then back to Lecco and then maybe a train to Tirano. I need to hurry and get done so I can get dry. I reshoulder my pack as John walks over to my bench! Bad luck with the rain, good luck with the arrival lace pattern for free download. Another 2 min and I would have been gone. He apologizes for being late even though he is well within our 12-1pm window. No worries. Lets get up the mountain so we can get into Switzerland by dinner.

I am pretty sure this is the only time I will ever beat him up the mountain. He left his race bike in Uerkheim and is forced to rent a beast of a bike with flat pedals. Caroline is going to get some coffee and meet us at the summit with the car. A 6 mile climb with 2000+ feet of climbing. 14% slopes peppered with one or two 18.5% sections. Damp and slippery.

Bikes hang along the top of the walls inside. Early 1900s all the way through the 60s and 70s. The adjacent museum, newly completed, houses 80-100 more covering the spectrum of road bikes. A huge collection.

The approximate route:

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A quick descent back into town for pizza. The pizza place is closed now and will reopen at 7. We grab the ferry instead of a quick meal and head for home. Off the coast, through a 10 mile tunnel and over some mountains. We are here. Near Zofingen. At Rene and Maya Wamister’s farm house. Eating rabbit and polenta. With friends.



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