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Rome to Lecco

A late start. Up past midnight finishing my bike rebuild, setting up and testing my Garmin 705 unit and GoPro cameras. Everything is ready to go aside from me herunterladen. We grab some bread and cheese for breakfast and then head out the front door for a mid day test ride. Time to go play in some Roman traffic.

The streets are full and busy g power download kostenlos. Cars pass close and often. Scooters zip through the gaps. We follow. Riding in this environment is surprisingly calm for the level of activity. We are dodging drains and slightly parked cars, half in the roadway herunterladen. Everyone just flows. We are just some additional obstacle for people to navigate, and they for us. If we are in their way, they make the move to slide by half in the other lane slidecast downloaden. Not that there are even proper lanes here. A two-lane road with room for three is hijacked and reallocated by the public. No parking near the place you need to grab something, a section of road becomes a new parking spot ls19 patch herunterladen. Attention is high. You need it. No one is driving with rage, just a purpose. To get where they are going a quickly as possible but not rushed or in a panic herunterladen. Nobody is driving with anger so no anger is returned. Everyone is in your way and you are in someone else’s. That is what traffic is; people just drive internet explorer neu herunterladen.

The rumble over cobblestones and through roundabouts. Brakes tapped. Gaps grabbed. Zip to the right down a side street. Lovely smooth pavement herunterladen. A temporary reprieve from the vibrations. We split traffic and move up to the red lights, leap frogging jams.

Out to Hannie’s father’s house and back herunterladen. A smoother route on the return. We jump onto the separated asphalt bike lane running parallel to the street for a mile or two before rejoining the swarm minecraft kostenlos spielen ohne. A quick couple of turns, a hoped sidewalk to get through one of the old city walls to switch streets and we are back at the apartment cooking a pasta fresca. Cold pasta tossed with ricotta, fresh basil, halved cherry tomatoes, and sea salt. 5 euros and plenty of food for 6 or 7 people. Lots of leftovers.

My train leaves tonight at 11:06pm for Lecco (north of Milan). I should arrive around 9am and then will ride north along the lakeshore to Bellagio. In theory John and I will connect there and ride up to the Cathedral of the Madonna de Ghisallo. But, I have not heard from him in over a week and we only had a rough meet up of noon but no specific location other than the town. I am going to need some luck this time around.

The pictures are of one of the public free flowing drinking “fountains” scattered throughout the city. Some are small spouts like this one. Others are full on 50 foot marble sculptures with step stones leading across the pool to the various sprays.



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